Fit X Pro Academy

This 3-hour intensive workshop will give you the tools and the training you need to achieve your personal and professional goals as an instructor!

Invest in yourself through training, certifications and continuing education where you can acquire a quality skill set. Identify your talents and find a way to turn them into an income-generating vehicle. In doing so, you can truly leverage your career into an "engine of your success."


Fit-X-Pro Seminar Workshop welcomes attendees, presenters, and exhibitors from all over California to Los Angeles area. We are delighted to invite you all to attend and register for the “Fit-X-Pro Seminar Workshop' which will include keynote presentation, speakings, instructor orientations and Exhibitions.


Fit-X-Pro works with the ideal “Optimize your health with fitness & current advancement in fitness training” The organizing committee is gearing up for an exciting and informative conference programs including plenary lectures, workshops on a variety of topics, presentations and various programs for participants from all different activities.


The seminar aims to provide the tools and skills necessary for teaching any fitness workout class at gyms, dance studios, sports and wellness centers and institutions etc...

A Wealth of Experience, a Reputation for Excellence

Teaching Techniques

Exercise Physiology

Cueing Techniques

Personal Development

Music Guidelines

Steps and Choreography

Development Skills

Business Strategies



I am so thankful to Fit-X-Pro and their commitment to quality, hands-on fitness certs and continuing ed. The 2018 presenters were incredible and so down to earth. I learned more in 3 hours than I have the whole rest of last year. Thanks Fit-X-Pro.
Such a great and innovative way to gain knowledge of fitness and grow as an fitness instructor. Whether you are just beginning the journey or have years of experience,  Fit X Pro provides you with new information to grow and better your expertise. From their workshops to their certifications it is a great way to build your career.
I wanted to thank Fit-X-Pro for allowing us to have such a quality presenter. I can not say enough about JP Santana, he was very professional as well as being very knowledgable. I was very inpressed.
Amazing professional with a deep understanding of the subject matter. Love, love, loved this class. Dee was great at explaining workouts and simple choreography counts. I am now more confident in how a routine should go.
I enjoyed “Putting It All Together.” Even though I have been teaching for several years, I always thought I needed the “basics.” Now I feel so much more comfortable with the counting thing and designing a class. This was an excellent use of time that I would recommend to any new teachers! Thank you!
Siempre hay espacio para mejorarse a si mismo. Es importante tomar clases y entrenamientos para aprender mas. Tambien es esencial, estudiar la metologia. Hay que ser humilde y no dejar que nuestro ego aumente demasiado. Tomar clases de otras especialidades tambien es bueno.
I just attended the Fit-X-Pro seminar. I wanted to say that P Santana is a wonderful teacher. He is very knowledgable and makes the class very enjoyable and fun. One could tell him really cares about fitness and his students.

Thanks for a great event!!
This is about my third workshop session with JP, and he is an awesome presenter I am always able to learn something new to take back to my class. I learned so many things in the Warm-up session and dance session and I am able to go back to my class and teach my students. Also, JP always provides us with the best music. When I played it in my class the students were so excited to hear the great music while taking my step class. JP, keep up the good work.
This is such an innovative and informative way to increase knowledge and become a better fitness instructor. I enjoy their seminars and what they have to offer in regards to learning and their courses.


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